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Your mental health is as important as physical health and consulting the best psychiatrists in Pakistan is utterly significant for the patient so he could lead a healthy life. Spring Clinic which is supported by Mukhtar A. Sheikh Hospital in Multan is completely devoted to treating mental issues. The Spring Clinic has made all the best psychiatrists and psychologists in Multan practice here and makes the lives of people better.

The consoling words of people around make you feel more lost


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Multan is a city located in the southern part of Punjab. If you visit it, you would find a very unique flavor because it happens to be the second oldest city in this part of Asia. Due to its significant geographical position, the city has seen many invaders from different cultures and backgrounds hence leaving their imprints on the land hence that is the reason behind such enriched culture of the city and maybe that is the reason behind the welcoming nature of the people who belong from there. M

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The pandemic has shown us the worst times of our lives but along with that it taught us many good things as well and one of them is that it made us realize that health is the most precious treasure and we should take care of it more than anything else.

The pandemic impacted almost everyone, some fell sick and a few fell into a deep depression which was equally hurtful. Mental stresses are as painful as physical aches hence we should take them as serious problems and visit the psychiatrist.


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Graduation degree programs are going to make or break your future so you should choose them very carefully. Go through the article carefully and you’ll get to know which field of studies is best to pursue your career with. This article is for those who haven’t chosen their field of interest an

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Are you in college and your parents are paying for your expenses? Congratulations, you are among some of the luckiest students. When you get into college life of some students revolves around three points of the triangle, Grades, Social Life, and proper sleep. For some students, the triangle converts itself into a square.

The fourth added corner is earning money. When a student like me enters an intermediate college the first thing he/she looks for is a job to bear his/her expenses. In this art

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Now, the important thing to note here is to identify the deadline and schedule tasks according to that deadline.

For any team to function properly and in an organized manner, all the team members must be clear about the goal and objective of a certain task and must also

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In a creative advertising agency, there are multiple teams work

How I overcame depression With Spring Clinic — Hive

Spring clinic saved my life. I am very grateful to the spring clinic as without the help of this clinic I won’t be able to live a normal and happy life. I am sharing my very personal experience. The things and problems I faced and how I overcame the issues. There was a time when I used to feel and think that I have nothing left in my life. I was in the state of mind where the only thought which came to my mind was to end my life and many other such negative thoughts.

Identifying the problem p